Purist Custom Krrsantan

It’s weird, I thought Krrsantan was spelled with three Rs for some reason…

I might make some changes if we never get a proper Krrsantan figure from Lego, but I think it came out pretty well in purist form. From top to bottom he’s made of a caveman hair piece in black over the head of a Sakaaran from Guardians of the Galaxy. The beard blocks the alien mandibles and lets 5he grey in Krrsantan’s face show. Torso is a flipped around piece from the CMF bandit figure, with added spiked shoulder pads. I also added a black neck bracket to A. Cover some back printing and B. Give him an accessory clip space. Lastly, the legs are from Legends of Chima character Gorzan.

Instagram sucks lately so maybe I need to post here faster. Anyway, hope everyone is surviving the winter storms (or if you’re reading this in the future, surviving whatever is being thrown at you now.) Thanks for reading!

-SLD ✌

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