Watch “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)” on YouTube

The trailer is here and Luke Skywalker’s boss takes it all back – watch it over and over, he was just kidding! See Rey train, Kylo’s raging conflicts, many new shots of Ach-To and Crait, and new vehicles like the TIE Silencer and AT-M6 walkers. Get hyped for December again! The Last Jedi arrives in full Force December 15th, 2017. 

Battlefront II Gameplay Trailer (featuring John Boyega)

Two months to go, people! Watch this exciting trailer featuring confirmation of planets, vehicles, troopers, heroes, and of course weapons from the upcoming shooter. War will rage across all eras, and I will rage if people keep rolling about like droidekas to dodge shots. But hey, there’s single player this time and the story sounds great!
Also, get familiar with Inferno Squad, the stars of the single player campaign, here (spoiler warning)

Small Update, Big Change

So I’ve been a little behind on writing, buying, and reviewing but I wanted to put this out there. My wife and I are in the process of buying our first house together and sometimes I feel like it’d be less time-consuming to groom a Wookiee. The final word hasn’t come in yet – and of course there’s all the legal deadlines and whatnot – but things are looking good! So a move is likely in the future from the scenic Empire’s Elite apartment studio a bigger home base (pun intended?). More on that to come. No worries on the Star Wars front – I’ve been hearing good things about Phasma’s novel and I’ll catch up soon.
In the meantime, may the Force of Others be with you, and remember to groom your Wookiee

-Supreme Leader David

Force Friday

Happy Friday! Enjoy the new The Last Jedi wave of merch and don’t be a scalper. New Lego, Black Series, and more are available in stores and online now!

Leak Season

It happens every year – not allergy season or tax season, but Lego leak season! If you don’t mind risking minor spoilers, you can now see some preliminary box art for upcoming 2018 Lego sets! Continue reading “Leak Season”