Force Unleashed Week – Bonus Day

Lego The Force Unleashed. They made 5 figures. I made nearly 30. Your move, Lego.

So I clearly didn’t plan this out. I got really hyperfixated on making these customs and called this posting spree a week when I wound up enough material for about three weeks. And you know what? I’d be sick of it if I kept posting for a month straight on one topic. Fixation is weird like that sometimes.

Anyway, onto figures.

Battle-damaged Darth Vader uses the torso from the original 2008 figure with one completely robot leg from the Monster Fighters theme and one burned leg from the Vader transformation chamber. I topped it off with an extra Vader breath mask and tattered cape.

Juno and Proxy are still kinda sorta work in progress figures. I like the way Juno’s jumpsuit looks unzipped like how she wears it in the game, but some form of additional chest print would help it. She uses Bruce Banner’s torso and TIE pilot legs. Proxy is part Captain Marvel, part neo classic space for the head, and some additions like the purple hands and waist. Not positive where the legs are from, likely Ninjago.

Force Unleashed Two Starkiller uses the torso of a Ninjago Movie bad guy, the fish-themed army, flipped backwards. The shoulder armor also debuted in Ninjago sets, and he’s finished off with Han Solo’s gun belt legs and the same head from my previous Starkiller figures.

Another WIP, Chop’aa Notimo is a Mandalorian crime lord from TFU on Playstation 2. The look is fine minus the bits of holiday printing I can’t fully mask. His torso is Santa Clause Jango Fett and the legs are an Old Republic Sith trooper. Head comes from Prince of Persia and the neck piece comes from the rancor battalion ARC trooper.

The only thing I don’t like about my Kento Marek is that the shades of his various rove pieces don’t match. I made him thinking I’d need to pad the roster, which I really didn’t. Torso is a Gungan warrior with Aayla Secura legs.

Rodian scavengers were some of the first customs I thought of making when the head mold started getting easier to find. Lefty uses a Star Lord blaster as his lifting claw and has classic Ninja armor. The big guy has chunky armor from I think the space orc CMF figure and my custom designed Z-6 rotary blaster.

The oddest design, but I’m really proud of my Jungle Felucian. It uses the headgear from a CMF dancer flipped backwards for its leafy head, plus matching leaves for hands. The one stud with bars at the end give the feet the ability to run on all fours in a convincing way.

It’s no secret I’m a trooper guy and by extension I love the royal guard as well. This design appears in the making of TFU book, which shows them in armor with their robes wrapped over their arms to move easier in battle. Underneath, I used Episode 9 Sith trooper armor. The cape is unique in that it curves to one side, hardening back to the ‘getting the robe out of the way’ look of the original art.

Last but not least, the big bad Purge Trooper. If you played this game a ton like me, their sound design probably rings into your ears to this day. That missile launching sound was enough. But then the only way to reliably get them to stop firing homing missiles into your face was to shock them with Force lightning. And then they’d scream these horrible mechanized yells. Oh, and the figure is a dark trooper I just made taller, and he has a missile launcher.

I hope you all enjoyed this week of gratuitous figbashing as much as I did. -✌️❤️SLD

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