May the Fourth is Here!

Happy Star Wars day everyone! Enjoy binging the movies, buying collectibles, or avenging our Emperor! Whatever it is you do, may the Force of others be with you. 

 If you’re a Lego fanatic, be sure to visit the Lego online shop or local store – spend $50 and receive an exclusive R2-D2 mini 20-piece kit free! Also, VIP points are doubled on all Star Wars purchases and the Rebel UCS Snowspeeder will be available. I haven’t dug up any specifics yet, but many Star Wars sets are likely to be on sale again this year. My bet is on Rogue One sets being marked down the most. Happy hunting!

2 thoughts on “May the Fourth is Here!”

  1. Man, how I wish Lego Star Wars was a thing when I was a kid. It would have given Transformers a run for its money for the honor of being my fave toy.

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