Happy Holidays and Lego Leaks!

It’s that time already, isn’t it? Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Life Day, and merry Sithmas! Enjoy the holidays, unless of course your service to our Emperor dictates other pertinent duties. For my fellow collectors out there – may your Lego kits be plentiful, your figures’ paint apps look clean, and may your blasters and accessories not be bent out of shape.


And what kind of cold winter would it be without new Lego to look forward to in the new year? Recent leaks on Reddit have given us a glimpse at some re-releases as well as new kits coming next year. To avoid any pesky takedown notices, I’ll just give a brief rundown of what I’ve seen over the past couple days (head to reddit.com/r/lego to check them out before they likely get removed!)

Lego looks to be releasing a new X-Wing including Luke Skywalker. While it isn’t the same UCS set from a couple years back, it looks complicated and bigger to me than a normal release. It’s hard to tell from the pictures but it could just be an upgraded, more realistic version. Next we have a miniaturized Jawa sandcrawler, which includes ‘farmboy’ Luke Skywalker as well as two Jawas and at least three different droids. I’m most excited for what hopefully isn’t a placeholder image of a yellow astromech droid! And who knows, there might be more brick-built droids in the workshop. The Tatooine battle pack coming next year will make a nice addition to this more expensive kit. Staying on Tatooine, there’s also a new miniaturized cantina coming, which includes a small section of the bar, Wuher the bartender, Han Solo, Greedo, and a sandtrooper. I’m excited for this one since I missed out on the last one, though I’ll miss the Bith Musicians.

Moving back a ways to the Clone Wars, there are three new sets featuring characters from between Episodes II and III. First we have a re-release of Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Starfighter, a yellow model representing his Delta 7 ship rather than the Episode III version, the Eta-2. While bigger than the last model, it still only seems to include Luke and R2-D2, however they’ll most likely be realistic this time instead of Clone Wars-styled. Hopefully the rumored clones and Jedi battle pack will give them some much-needed reinforcements! Last but not least we have two ‘constraction’ figures coming, a B2 Super Battle Droid and a 501st Clone Trooper with an AT-RT. The images aren’t final but they look like they’ll be fine additions to any fan’s collection of taller action figure style Lego.

Thanks for reading! Again, enjoy your holidays. Take some time to enjoy a film, your family, and your favorite collectibles – anything positive, as speaking for myself, I’m getting tired of reading all the Last Jedi griping out there. Take a break and enjoy yourself!

-Supreme Leader David


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