Return of the Clones – “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Official Trailer” on YouTube

It’s been a while indeed! Clone Wars returns, exclusively on Disney’s new streaming platform. I can’t wait to see what content we’ll be getting. This trailer looks to confirm the Bad Batch arc and Siege of Mandalore. And that Obi Wan looks just like his appearance on Rebels – and is that base they’re all at also from Rebels? Yes, that’s Fort Anaxes. The whole Ghost crew made some appearances here, fighting off the local wildlife and the Grand Inquisitor.

By the way, please please please give me that unfinished Boba Fett arc, Filoni!

Really, who knows what will become of this. Potential extra seasons on the Disney streaming service? Straight to Blu Ray Clone Wars films akin to DC’s gorgeous Batman releases? Further ties to bridge the gap between Clone Wars and Rebels? I wasn’t expecting this announcement at all and then boom, here it is. Time to binge some more on Netflix – cause it may actually leave once the Disney streaming app launches. You know, not like the other 38 times it was reported to be leaving.

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