Watch “Star Wars Resistance: Meet Team Fireball” on YouTube

The first look at Star Wars: Resistance is here! See it all in motion and hear the characters’ voices for the first time. I’ve been saying for years that anime needs to meet Star Wars, and this looks to be a good start at bridging that gap.

Resistance is a polarizing topic, but aren’t all the topics polarizing nowadays? Long and short – if you’re butt hurt about Resistance then don’t watch it. Don’t want it? Don’t bother. Doesn’t appeal to you? Then don’t bother. Are you excited? If so, keep reading.

First off, seeing the characters move around some more is giving me some reassurance in the art style of the show. A lot of criticisms were pointed at the characters while the ships and droids were praised. I think this new video evens it out a lot better, even if some of the action and dialog is cartoonish.

The story has me most excited, however. You have the classic character Yeager, who used to pilot during the Galactic Civil War and doesn’t want any part of the new conflict. Lead character Kaz pulls double-duty as a racer pilot and spy who must gather intel on the First Order. Balance is key here, but done right that’s intriguing – balance the work that keeps a space garage roof over your head with the work that keeps your friends and family alive another day.

There’s still no word on exactly how far along the First Order is in this series. It’s easily-assumed that like in the Poe Dameron comics, neither side wants to pull the trigger first. So is the show much lighter on battles than Clone Wars or Rebels? Phasma is confirmed to appear so there must be something important to have one of the most elite stormtroopers in existence hanging around. And what’s the deal with that red guy they keep teasing? Before it looked like Cardinal, but now they look more like an elite pilot.

What are your thoughts? Ready to ride with Team Fireball? (That name is the right kind of cheesy)

-Supreme Leader David

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