What I Did with Lego (10/22/18)

I haven’t actually sat and built a thing with Lego in quite a while. Usually I’m stockpiling the stuff like it’ll be currency after the collapse…

I put together a trio of maroon red banners for an Imperial base or palace. Every grey military installation needs a splash of color here and there, and I’m happy with how these look so far. Might tweak that grey area with another color or something but I’m on the right track I think.

I had to use double the dark bluish grey pole pieces because my OCD couldn’t handle that little nodule being only on one side or the other. I had a stressful day at work so dedicating some time to my Empire just felt right. Plus I’m fighting a cold. Emphasis on fighting, as in not totally sick yet. I had it bad enough with last year’s pathogens. I. Will. Not. Catch. This. Even if I have to build the whole Empire myself, it’s not happening!

More weird articles and thought pieces to come soon.


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