Ghost Division Update #1: Meet the Ghosts


Intel reports an elite group, unknown in number, who report directly to one of the highest-ranked Imperials in the Western Reaches. Seemingly overnight, General Kraviss and his elite forces, nicknamed the Ghost Division, have taken the farming planet of Kufra and dug in using the ancient palace as a base of operations. Status of the queen is unknown, but we’ve been able to dig up some dirt on a few of Kraviss’s lackeys. . .


Name: Mazrel Gryce

Alias: The Detective

Specialties: Investigation, marksmanship, ambush tactics

Notes: This one is dangerous. He’s been traced back to the Ring of Kafrene, though little of his past life has been uncovered. As a former crime scene investigator, his talents caught the attention of the Empire after he formed a police task force responsible for putting down several upstart rebel cells before they could get off the ground. General Kraviss is using these elites – we don’t know how many – as exemplars of his plans to improve the Empire’s training programs, resulting in smarter, stronger, and overall better stormtroopers. The Ghosts are like his children, but he’s especially fond of this one, going to far as to refer to him by the pet name “detective” rather than his name or operating number. The Detective is especially effective at exploiting the speed with which scout troopers can deploy, using them to find weaknesses in rebel movements as well as setting effective traps. His attention to detail is his greatest strength, and nothing gets by this one. He currently oversees a personal unit with the name of his old squad – be on the lookout for 8th Recon.


Name: Sabal Tanzer

Rank: Commander, 103rd Armored Squad

Specialties: Vehicle engagements, heavy weapons (vehicles and ground equipment)

Notes: I almost feel bad for this one. . .rumor has it that this guy had a normal life, married young and had a son during the Clone Wars, but it all went to hell at the end of the war. His son was drafted by extremists from the Jedi Order, and when Order 66 came down, his son was killed in a raid. The Ghosts largely recruit from units who have suffered great losses in the past, scooping up the remains and turning them into even stronger troops. Every time the Empire suffers a loss or setback, the Ghosts grow in number. Something about this seems to resonate with Tanzer, as he’s made great advancements in keeping his fellow Ghosts well-armed and supported by armored tanks and walkers. His flagship tank, a modified Occupier assault tank, has been fitted with ion mortar tubes that can disable an opposing tank before it has time to shoot back. He has also modified his personal trooper armor, incorporating a weapon-charging unit strapped to his back. If he’s ever caught outside of a tank, that may just be his weak spot. We don’t have anything that can stand up to a whole armored division – if it were up to this one, he’d have a tank on every street corner. And he’s up to something on the planet’s frozen moon, Defra, perhaps using the frigid temperatures to toughen up his troops even more. . .

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