Force Unleashed Week – Day Four

When life gives you lemons, blind them with a lightsaber to the face and hope they aren’t too mad when you ask them for help later.

#ForceUnleashedWeek Day 4! Official Imperial records actually claim he’s dead. In a moment of brilliant sheer coincidence, General Rahm Kota didn’t believe the Jango Fett clones were fit for battle. And thus when order 66 came down at the end of the Clone Wars, the general had no clone troopers around to sign his death warrant. For years he’d remain hidden from the Empire and a key early aid to the Rebel Alliance. If you consider canceled games any level of canon, be also ran into a couple of clone troopers who had a Jedi as their template (see the infamous Battlefront 3 by Pandemic Studios, RIP)

I’ve seen many use the torso of The Mandalorian and I followed suit, flipping it around so the bandolier/saber sling sits the right way. I’ve also seen many keep those Mando arms on him – you do you but my brain will not allow a Jedi to run around with the symbol of a Mandalorian clan from the future on his shoulder. The face was the real challenge. At one point I had Magneto and then switched to this. Neither has his beard but with the pretty much perfect torso and hair, I’m happy with it until something else comes along. I also switched him from the classic big cape to the narrower cape introduced in The Mandalorian sets, and it really works for me.


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