Force Unleashed Week – Day Five

It’s a jungle out there.

#ForceUnleashedWeek Day 5! I go back and forth between “it makes sense they’re half naked, they’re on the humid jungle planet” and “2008 was a different time and these outfits are edgy and titillating in a dumb way.” Since dying in the deleted scenes wasn’t canon, Shaak Ti appears in TFU with apprentice Maris Brood. They go into hiding on Felucia, but are found by Starkiller.

Shaak Ti uses Ahsoka’s headgear (she has one too but I had extras of Ahsoka) and a lot of red bits. Her torso is Okoye from Black Panther to simulate her tattered outfit over bright red skin. Maris is also parted out from superhero figures, using the torso of Spider Gwen and face of Harley Quinn.


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