Force Unleashed Week – Day Six

We never got any of these troopers in a set or battle pack and I’m still salty about it.

#ForceUnleashedWeek Day 6 – Imperial Battle Pack. These are some dream figs for me if #Lego ever decides to revisit the Force Unleashed. Slide one is the Imperial Navy commando and the EVO trooper, followed by the heavy trooper and riot trooper. You face different versions of these guys or don’t find them at all depending on which difficulty level and which version/port of the game you play.

Being Lego Imperial troopers, these guys are kit bashed from all sorts of clones, stormtroopers, and First Order troopers. Some of the less obvious bits are the arms from Syndrome (The Incredibles) on the Navy commando, Reaper’s mask on the riot trooper, poor Syndrome’s legs also on the riot trooper, and Monica Rambeaux’s (Marvel CMF) on the heavy.

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