Watch “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 (Official)” on YouTube

It’s here! Watch it over and over again because it’s even better than the first trailer. Jyn’s dad gets dialog. Saw Guerarra gets new dialog. And the whole thing has a great atmosphere about it. Less than seventy or so days to go. I’m ready!

Watch “New Rogue One Poster and Trailer Details, Marvel Comic News, and Sam Witwer | The Star Wars Show” on YouTube

New trailer date confirmed!! It’s coming tomorrow morning. I’m not a morning person but new Star Wars news always helps!

Watch “Maul Returns – Holocrons of Fate Preview | Star Wars Rebels” on YouTube

Maul Force-reads Hera’s mind to learn more about Kanan and Ezra. Is this talent passed on over the years? Because Kylo Ren can do this years later. I’m excited! Let’s see what happens! 

Rogue One Official Trailer 2

So happy to finally see this! I can’t wait until this movie comes out, nor can I wait until it’s dissected by my favorite Star Wars podcast. Weird. . .waiting until Monday when a podcast will talk about something I’ve been waiting months to see, and I’ll wait months to see the actual thing later on. . .being a fan takes a lot of patience, doesn’t it?