Watch “Star Wars Episode VIII Title Revealed! | The Star Wars Show” on YouTube

Well that was nonchalant, wasn’t it? Seemingly out of nowhere, the name of Episode VIII is at last revealed. But what does the title mean? Speculation ahead!

Well that was nonchalant, wasn’t it? Seemingly out of nowhere, the name of Episode VIII is at last revealed. But what does the title mean? Speculation ahead!

Luke Skywalker was the last of his kind, with the unique gifts in the Force to become a full-fledged Jedi (Yes, I know there was another. And Kanan and Ezra. And Ahsoka was still around somewhere maybe. Yeah…) Is he the last Jedi the title is referring to? That would set up Episode Eight to be largely around his struggles rather than centering on Rey. Also, the opening crawl of Episode Seven specifically calls attention to Luke as the last Jedi, which would back up a pretty Luke-centric story.

Or is Rey the last Jedi that Luke is able to train before he passes on, either naturally or in battle against Kylo Ren and the First Order? Does he pull an Obi Wan and sacrifice himself to become one with the Force, more powerful than Kylo and Snoke can possibly imagine? A pretty big fight scene between Rey and Luke against the Knights of Ren is confirmed, so who knows how that turns out. 

Jax Pavan certainly isn’t in this movie. That being said, what do you think about Episode Eight’s title? It’s a title from Legends and its referenced in two previous movies. Whatever it is, I’m excited to see it next winter.

Watch “Star Wars Rebels Season 3 – Mid-Season Trailer (Official)” on YouTube

It’s trailer time again and it’s looking good! I’m surprised how much was here – Sabine with the darksaber and returning to Mandalore, shadow stormtroopers fighting alongside Thrawn, Saw Gerrara and Mon Mothma – please please please be good, Rebels!

Rogue One First TV Spot “Together”

With 39 days to go, Rogue One is almost here, and that means the spoiler-ific TV spots are coming! Okay, so this one didn’t say anything we didn’t already know, but if the TV spots are anywhere close in number to the ones from The Force Awakens, you’ll pretty much be able to piece the movie together before it comes out. However, this isn’t a main saga movie and Rogue One is comprised of 98% new characters (barring Darth Vader, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and the likely Grand Moff Tarkin cameo) which means maybe we won’t know the whole movie before it comes out.

Will this movie break box ofice records like The Force Awaken did? Maybe not. Are the toys and merch awesome? Most definitely. This movie exists in a strange in between part of Star Wars never explored on the big screen before. It stands a serious chance of being my new personal favorite because I love the Dark Times era after Episode III. I think this is going to be a great movie and a strong step into new territory for what these movies can do. We’ll all find out on December 16th. Together.

Mandos on Rebels!

Saxon is back and we might finally get another good Sabine story! This teaser trailer throws a lot at us. Sabine and Ezra appear to be on a solo mission. Saxon, the one in the red armor, used to be loyal to Maul when he ruled Mandalore with his Shadow Collective. Who are the other guys whose armor looks like a hybrid between Imperial ground troops and Boba Fett concept art? Will it become canon that true, independent Mandalorians are more creative because their armor is cooler? Are we getting canon references to the siege of Mandalore outside of that cool Ahsoka panel at celebration and her new book? Hopefully this weekend answers some of my questions! Watch Star Wars Rebels this weekend and find out! Looks like I reread Son of Dathomir just in time for some callbacks too!