Attack of the Clone: Star Wars Republic Fighter Tank Review

You didn’t really think we weren’t getting any more Clone Wars sets just because the show was cancelled, did you? Score one for the Republic with this new release of the classic tank as seen in the original Star Wars: Battlefront games. Whether or not you watch those wrist rockets is entirely up to you. . .

The TX-130 Saber Class is a staple of the classic Battlefront games and is referenced in several comics and novels despite never appearing in a film or on the Clone Wars TV show. This updated re-release of 7679-1 from 2008 features all-new figures and a smaller redesign of the iconic vehicle.

Official Lego Image: Credit to The Lego Group

First off, let’s talk about those updated figures.


From left to right we have an updated Aayla Secura, appearing for the first time with a ‘normal’ face instead of the exaggerated Clone Wars style face. Next is the Clone Gunner in updated printing, and appearing for the first time in Phase Two clone armor. And last but not least, because every tank needs something to shoot at, we have two standard battle droids.


Aayla features a second angry expression, and the clone features standard resting clone face. It goes without saying that our updated heroes are the best figures in the set. Aayla features her updated face, leg printing on her brown pants, and a very good-looking blue for her skin tone. Her clone trooper counterpart features a printed pauldron and protective padding printed on his helmet. His blaster doesn’t look like any clone blaster I’ve ever seen, but variation is always welcome with the weapons. Lastly, the battle droids are the same we’ve been getting for years now. Both are the standard tan color and each includes a mid-sized blaster. Like most non-battle pack sets, all soldiers in this kit include a ‘real’ blaster instead of a stud shooter.


The tank itself features colors similar to that of a Republic gunship – vibrant red against a predominantly white build with some green flair thrown in. There are a handful of stickers marking Republic insignias and colored bits of 2D greebling on the sides of the tank, probably mimicking maintenance access panels for the tank’s engines. There are two blaster cannons, one on each side, each accompanied by a mounted stud shooter in white. Those shooters don’t stick out too much from the build in this one, so I don’t think most will bother to mod them out.


One of my favorite details is the cockpit of the tank, which features the handle of a Lego pail stuck upright to represent control sticks. I always love it when I see a new use of a piece like that that can be applied to plenty of other builds, and this one really works for the small build – it doesn’t leave the space empty, and it doesn’t clutter up the small space with a bulkier control scheme such as standard levers or a set of handlebars.


At the back, these two fencing foils nicely represent the comm antennae that come standard to this model of tank. (There’s a joke to be made somewhere about a saber class tank using swords for parts in the build) There’s also this box acting as a trunk for the tank, which can store extra included stud shooter ammo or any other small accessories. Speaking of store, there are also two clips located under the rotating blasters that hold a silver-colored wrench and the clone trooper’s rifle. These clips integrate into the overall look of the vehicle better than some other builds, and getting the wrench in a dark silver rather than standard black is a nice addition.

Overall, this set is satisfying. For $24.99 retail it hits all the good points – well-done figures, a fun and decent-sized build, and army-building potential. Any Clone Wars army builder should have a couple of these flanking their AT-TEs and other Republic forces, and battle droids – while I think they need an overhaul – are valuable in representing how droids outnumber the clones.


Thanks for reading! You can find me talking toys here as well as around Reddit at u/SupremeLeaderDavid. What do you think of the Republic Fighter Tank? What about it’s inclusion of a Jedi traitor to the Republic? Stay tuned for more Lego reviews of whatever I end up buying as they come.

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