Christmas in July

It’s that time of year where it’s five months until Christmas, and when I checked my mail today I saw one of the special Hallmark ornaments coming out this year. Keep reading for a look at the First Order Stormtrooper FN-2199 soon to be available from Hallmark! So, here’s the deal. FN-2199, also known as TR-8R after his appearance shouting “traitor!” in The Force Awakens, has been immortalized as part of the Hallmark ornament collection. He will be available beginning July 15th, and you can add him to your tree this year for $17.95.


This is exciting to see, and not a surprise at all given how popular trooper Nines became after his brief onscreen appearance. As always the ornament is super-detailed and features the new sculpt of First Order trooper armor as well as FN-2199’s chosen weapon, the Z6 riot baton. Earlier leaks confirmed that we will also get The Last Jedi versions of Rey and Luke, so it’s good to see that our boys in white will get some representation too!

Keep an eye out for this ornament starting July 15th. If you enjoy Christmas and also collect these ornaments, Hallmark offers a rewards program with points, discounted purchases, and all that good stuff. Stop in or read up about that on their site. At my house, we have a ‘Sith-mas’ tree comprised of nothing but Star Wars ornaments. Originally it was villains-only, but we’ve branched out recently. They’re too good to pass up sometimes, regardless of alignment with the Force.

Happy Fourth of July to my American readers by the way!

-Supreme Leader David


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