Watch “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes” on YouTube

Take a look! This footage doesn’t show much in the way of new story content, but it confirms plenty of details that have been floating around for months. So what do we have here? The cast believes director Rian Johnson has created something big and unique, both as a film and as an entry into the Star Wars saga. We see new costumes for Rey and Finn as well as Stormtroopers with new bladed weapons. There’s also Rey fighting multiple attackers that don’t appear to be in costume – possibly Snoke’s elite guard that will be turned red with special effects? Unmasked Kylo also appears, as does newcomer Rose (Kelly Marie Tran’s character) donning a First Order officer’s uniform. Finn also looks to be wearing a Resistance pilot uniform, so maybe their mission together takes them on different paths throughout the film.

There’s still plenty I’m eager to know about this movie. How is Captain Phasma’s role expanded? Who is this purple-haired lady Admiral Holdo, and is she a double agent the way everyone is suspecting? Will any more classic ships get updated? (Check the hangar scene – there’s A-Wings!) And what’s the importance of the new bird creatures, the porgs? It still feels like a long wait until December 15th!

Thanks for reading!

-Supreme Leader David

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