Watch “New Star Wars Trilogy Announced! | The Star Wars Show” on YouTube

From out of nowhere​, the best mythos this galaxy has ever heard of announces an all-new film trilogy!

So what can we expect to come? So far all we know is that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will kick things off with the first film trilogy to be set outside of the main saga, ie films set around a Skywalker. Where will he go with that? Is it a trilogy of grimy underworld films based on cancelled ideas for the tv show? What about politics, or exploring unknown parts of the galaxy? Will the central conflict be a war, familiar or otherwise, or will the new characters face something else?

This announcement totally took me by surprise (I was at CVS picking up a prescription) and I had to stay in the car to upload something right away – it was a normal boring day and your benevolent Supreme Leader was not prepared for all this excitement! 

-Supreme Leader David

P.S. How about retelling the OT from the perspective of high-ranking Imperials or an Old Republic trilogy?

P.P.S. Update – Disney also just announced a live-action Star Wars TV series FINALLY. Let the hype begin and shut up and take my money!

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