Random Build 12/29/19: An Adorable Bounty Droid

Move over BB-8, my blue baby boy is in town. He’s come to claim a bounty and maybe your heart.

So I tried building one of those Haxion Brood bounty hunting droids from Jedi: Fallen Order. I didn’t have the proper parts to make it yellow like a lot of them seem to be in-game, but I did have these unique blue wheel well pieces to get that face shape. Thing is, I think the droid came out cute in this scale, not necessarily imposing or fearsome. Do the claw fingers or double blasters add any threat level?

This beautiful blue boy is like the fourth attempt, I wasn’t happy with the others and they weren’t as sturdy. This one is the best version and most stable, plus the face is centered nicely in that ring. Hope you enjoy and hope you had/are having a good holiday season. I’ve been flying under the radar, having been sick, taking care of my wife who was also sick, and actually trying to enjoy the holidays in between. Leave thoughts on this adorable bounty hunter below!


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