Project K Part 5: Droid Companions

Droids are a basic part of Star Wars, and Knights of the Old Republic delivered on iconic droid companions. However, they are underrepresented in Lego form, much like the Old Republic era itself. I aim to fix that.

Scary posting something you’ve put a lot of thought into. My purist HK-47 is far from perfect but it’s the culmination of about 8 variations, mostly in the head structure. The sticker is taken from a trans-red computer or console piece that I carefully transferred to the dark orange 1×1 to make the face. Longtime followers might also remember I’ve been working on a minifig scale T3-M4 for ages, always winding up with something far too big. Soldier Revan came together somewhat quickly as I turned this into a double post at the last minute.

And it felt weird not including Trask Ulgo with the early game Republic garb, so I tried to whip him up as well.

Thanks for viewing whether you check out my work here or if you came from/follow me on Instagram @supreme_leader_d. I’m always open to comments and feedback. -SLD

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