WIP – The Droid Shop

I shared this a while back on Instagram but had time to play with it some more today.

As I continue to try and grow my Lego Star Wars city and Imperial base, I also try to fill in some of the builds that don’t have interiors yet. This droid shop is one example where I basically made a shell of a building with a vibrant outside that I’d cram more detail into as time allowed.

The droid shop belongs to a character I named Sister Salvage after an antique shop in upstate New York. She is a Kiffar, similar to Jedi Quinlan Vos. Their race has strong psychometric powers, the ability to feel the ‘memories’ of inanimate objects, or feel and see events those objects were present for. The Sister’s gift gave her a heightened awareness when it comes to droids and their parts, along with other pieces of scrap, junk, or machinery.

Outside the shop are customers and droids. A hovering remote serves as a security alarm that reports directly to the Sister. A droid reminiscent of a wet floor sign rolls around warning of electrical hazards, but also encourages passers by to visit the shop. The most notable feature of the building itself is the mural of an astromech droid, which has become partly covered with posters and signs over time.

The new interior features a work table for assembling droid components, storage containers, desk, and various tools. The inverted slopes sticking out from either side hold up a mock attic area with some other boxes of junk, which I took away for the better view.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for checking this post out. -SLD

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