Force Unleashed Week – Day One

A week of all purist Force Unleashed custom figures begins!

#ForceUnleashedWeek begins! The votes are I so I’m posting today. Or my impatience just agrees with the votes, whatever. First MOC of 2023 is all Force Unleashed – because what says “new year” like a 15 year old video game that isn’t canon anymore?

This game came out in 2008 and changed Star Wars for me from a thing I liked into a thing I did deep lore dives into. I knew every detail of the now Legends universe was detailed in a book somewhere, but playing this installment set between eps 3 and 4 just flipped the obsession switch for me.

This is my purist update of Starkiller aka Vader’s secret apprentice aka Galen Marek (if you read the book.) I envisioned this as his basic training gear prior to some of the damage and modifications he makes to it. The sleeves are less ripped (I don’t remember where I got the half black half grey arms, but they’re pricey and so are the nougat alternatives.) His torso is also less damaged, using Razor Fist (from Shang-Chi) as a base and some torn robes around his waist.

I’m going to be showing original figures where they exist. I love the original Starkiller fig’s details. Blood is rare on a minifig and the print accurately captures the damaged rags the character wears, often with just other bits thrown onto the basic outfit. I updated the head, which has an angry alt expression, and the hair with a more textured look. This is the first of a few outfits I did for the character so look out for more to come.

Image via brickowl


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