Small Update, Big Change

So I’ve been a little behind on writing, buying, and reviewing but I wanted to put this out there. My wife and I are in the process of buying our first house together and sometimes I feel like it’d be less time-consuming to groom a Wookiee. The final word hasn’t come in yet – and of course there’s all the legal deadlines and whatnot – but things are looking good! So a move is likely in the future from the scenic Empire’s Elite apartment studio a bigger home base (pun intended?). More on that to come. No worries on the Star Wars front – I’ve been hearing good things about Phasma’s novel and I’ll catch up soon.
In the meantime, may the Force of Others be with you, and remember to groom your Wookiee

-Supreme Leader David

Force Friday

Happy Friday! Enjoy the new The Last Jedi wave of merch and don’t be a scalper. New Lego, Black Series, and more are available in stores and online now!

Leak Season

It happens every year – not allergy season or tax season, but Lego leak season! If you don’t mind risking minor spoilers, you can now see some preliminary box art for upcoming 2018 Lego sets! Continue reading “Leak Season”

Definite Article: Year One in Review

The Empire’s Elite has turned one year old! Starting this blog and sharing my Star Wars thoughts has been a lot of fun and I wanted to share some favorite moments from the past year, plus some things to look forward to going ahead. Check it out, meatbags! Continue reading “Definite Article: Year One in Review”

Definite Article: Rebel Rising Review

For this review, “I rebel” and walk the path of someone who can’t find their way on either side of the Galactic Civil War. Abandoned by a rebel friend and hunted by the Imperial war machine, Jyn Erso lives life in a grey area of the galaxy. What is she to do when the rebellion brings her nothing but pain, but the Empire does nothing but cause pain for others? Continue reading “Definite Article: Rebel Rising Review”

Definite Article: Inferno Squad Review

Nothing can stop the Empire! In the immediate aftermath of the first Death Star’s destruction, a new Imperial special forces team is formed to deal with the growing threat of well-informed rebel cells. And these aren’t just any run-of-the-mill rebels – these terrorists are the direct successors to the extremist Saw Gerrera! Read on to get some insight on the exciting Battlefront II novel from Christie Golden. Continue reading “Definite Article: Inferno Squad Review”