Age of Republic: First Five Recap

Marvel’s Star Wars: Age of Republic takes us back to the good ol’ days of the Prequel Era of the saga with short tales of the benevolent Jedi, scheming Sith Lords, and opportunistic agents of the criminal underworld. Continue reading “Age of Republic: First Five Recap”

Happy Holidays (And Goodbye 2018) !

It’s Christmas time and about time to wrap up 2018. Best of wishes to all and to all a better 2019. It was a year of mixed emotions and reactions for fans – the first year we had two Star Wars films back-to-back, a year of backlash for some, and a time of course correction for others. There’s a lot of good-looking Star Wars planned for this coming year and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest. And I hope it’s enjoyable for fans too, whether it appeals to the masses or just gets a reaction out of a few people. While Star Wars is a commercial product, we can’t forget that real artists and writers put heart and soul into new projects every day. While a singular work of fiction may not appeal to you, it’s important to remember that it has a right to exist because it will appeal to someone, and it may be very important to them. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who dismisses or is openly hostile to things because it doesn’t appeal to them, and because it doesn’t appeal to them it shouldn’t appeal to anyone ever. Everyone hates that guy so for a better 2019, don’t be that guy.


Here’s to happy holidays, peace on every planet (despite our favorite franchise having ‘wars’ in the title,) and a few things crossed off your bounty list too.


Happy Life Day, and may your holiday be special,

-Supreme Leader David


The Doctor is In: Doctor Aphra, Purist Lego Custom

This archeologist runs into places remembered only in myths and rumors with nothing more than her wits and a blaster to get her through. Bounty hunters and murder droids help sometimes, too. The only sure thing is that there are no sure things, and the rogue treasure hunter Doctor Aphra breaks all the rules. Read on to see her immortalized Lego minifigure form!

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Quick Update (12/5/18)

I didn’t fall into the Unknown Regions, I’ve just been super-busy with work and unable to post and write as much as I’d like to. But I wanted to give a heads up to what projects I have in the…oh I do hate the phrase “in the pipeline.” Iminent? Forthcoming? Sure, one of those.

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Definite Article: When I Grow Up (or How I Learned to Lighten up and be Content with Content)

Remember when Star Wars used to be fun? Your Supreme Leader does, and he’s here to remind you to lighten up and enjoy goofy space dramas.

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(In)Definite Article #3: The Curious Case of Toys “R” Us and the Traveling Giraffe

Dying is easy. Comebacks are hard. And modern public relations are weird.

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