Thrawn is Coming

Talk about the Empire’s Elite, am I right? I just preordered my copy of the Barnes and Noble exclusive version of the upcoming Thrawn novel and wanted to share the details for anyone who hasn’t heard the word yet.

Everyone’s favorite Chiss is getting reintigrated into Star Wars canon, first with Star Wars Rebels and now a novel of his own. The novel, written by Star Wars Legend and creator of the character Timoty Zahn, focuses on Thrawn’s origin story. He will rise to power while undoubtedly crossing paths with established Imperials as well as new characters and adversaries. Governor Pryce from Star Wars Rebels is confirmed to appear, so some light may be shed on her story as well as it is before she bears the title of Governor. Both characters feature in season three, and the novel begins well before then, so there’s some time to play with before Thrawn dons the Grand Admiral mantle.

As for the book, I can’t say much else yet – there aren’t many plot details out there and honestly I wouldn’t want them spoiled. However, I can judge this book by its cover because the art is fantastic. Thrawn looks calm and analytical, and there’s something going on behind those glowing eyes – they’re like that barcode thing at the grocery store, scanning your soul with their gaze. The Barnes and Noble edition that I mentioned includes an exclusive cover (black instead of white) as well as a poster of Thrawn with a Star Destroyer overhead. The way he’s standing covers up the artwork if it’s meant to be the Chimaera in the picture, but I suppose you also can’t say it isn’t the Chimaera if you look at it that way. Or maybe it just isn’t the Chimaera yet. I’ll be reviewing/recapping this one once I get my hands on it.

Unfortunately the current Barnes and Noble coupon codes don’t seem to be valid for the Thrawn pre-order. The book is available April 11th so there may be another promotion by then. Honestly I never preorder anything. This was an impulse buy after I saw the news on Facebook. But come on. It’s just too dope to pass up. Talk about art of war.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

P.S.  While we’re on the topic of Thrawn, I’ll be reviewing the Thrawn Lego set this weekend! It’s a Sta Wars Rebels set that comes with a new blind Kanan figure and Chopper in the brilliantly-painted Phantom II. While all that stuff is cool, come on. It’s going to be known as ‘The Thrawn set’ more than anything.

Image credit: Lego


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