Black Series: Rebel Girl Sabine Wren (Review)

Rebel scum never looked so good. A criminally under-utilized character, but a great action figure! Hasbro knocks it out of the park with another Rebels character interpreted into a more realistic art style, and the results are as good as it gets. IMG_20170402_111150924_HDR.jpg

I’m finally back at reviewing after my wedding, and what a fine addition to my collection! I was going to get this out earlier but work and some internet connectivity issues got in the way. Life happens, right?

The Look:

Anyway, onto the figure. Sabine Wren translates beautifully into the 6 inch Black Series line. Rebels characters aren’t exactly cartoonish, but I had my worries when I heard that the characters were going to start popping up in the 6 inch format. Sabine, along with other Rebels characters such as Kanan, Ezra, Leia, and Thrawn have also received figures in the 3.75 inch line, but they are translated quite literally from the show – they don’t look realistic compared to movie characters, which makes them stand out quite a bit. However, everything in the 6 inch collection remains consistent and real-looking, and Sabine doesn’t lose any character in the transition.


Sabine’s paint applications are some of the best I’ve ever seen in the Black Series. Her armor is detailed with her specific markings such as the checkerboard shoulder armor on her right and the wolf-like creature on her left, as well as her custom Starbird symbol on her chest. The deep red pops against her earth tone pants and grey shirt, and her gloves, leg armor, and boots are meticulously detailed with splattered paint from her artistic displays. Sabine’s hair is one of her trademark styles with two-tone purple and orange, and the skin tone is quite a nice change from predominantly fair-skinned characters. My only complaint with the paint on this figure is that mine appears to be the slightest bit cross-eyed, but eyes are a problem across the entire Black Series. It’s easy to fix this problem by displaying her with her helmet on. I posed her in the above photo trying to emulate the pose on her Disney Infinity miniature, and she was able to maintain this pose without support.


The Build:

Sabine is thinner and less bulky than other Black Series figures, and the mold used translates nicely into a teenage girl in light Mandalorian armor. She loses no articulation due to her armor, and actually she’s one of the most poseable figures I’ve ever come across. Sabine can stand on her own in many poses without the use of a base or anything to lean on. The figure’s knees are very flexible and the ankles are poseable, so it’s easy to keep her lanky figure balanced and standing on her own two feet.


The Gear:

Sabine’s accessories are also spot-on. Her belt features flexible holsters, one on each hip for her Mandalorian blaster pistols. The design of Mando weapons in the new canon is growing on me. Everything is simple, mostly rectangles and no frills. The blasters are weathered with angled strokes of paint that show wear on the plain silver sheen. Her comlink is attached to her belt (not removable) and also included is Sabine’s handheld paint nozzle, which can be stored in either holster if you place it with the spray tip pointed backwards. Maybe best of all, her helmet features great paint and a working rangefinder!

Without a doubt, Sabine would have been the perfect opportunity to release a sort of deluxe Black Series figure with additional parts and accessories. Her visual style is key to her character – and Mandalorians as a whole really – and it would have been awesome to be able to customize her armor to match different seasons of the show. A little while back I unlocked her in the game Galaxy of Heroes and was impressed to see how all of her combat styles were included – dual blasters, bombs with purple smoke, and of course the Dark Saber. I would have loved to see this figure come with a Dark Saber, and maybe some kind of small bomb or thermal detonator. Speculation seems to indicate that Black Series figures may be going up a little in price at retail, so maybe figures with more equipment are on the way?

Last Words:

I can’t say enough good things about this figure – they nailed it. Just like the Kanan Jarrus figure, Sabine is wonderfully translated into a live-action style. The only drawback for me is the slightly wonky eyes, but as I said, I’ll be displaying this figure with her bucket on. If you can still find this figure out in the wild, grab it up as soon as possible. So far I haven’t seen much online gouging for this figure, but you never know anymore. I picked this one up at Best Buy along with Ben Kenobi (New Hope Obi Wan) and ever since, it’s one of the figures I grab off the shelf to re-pose and enjoy the most.


Thanks for reading! Check out my other Black Series reviews or look around the site for Lego MOCs, head canon speculation, and perhaps the droids you are looking for.





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