Happy May the Fourth!

It’s that time of year again! Gather your allies and brush up on your Mandalorian, it’s May 4th!

Happy May Fourth everybody! It’s Star Wars day which means it’s time to celebrate. Whether it’s binging films, hunting for books and comics, or encouraging an addiction adding classic toys to your collection, today is the day! Make sure to research any potential savings as many online retailers are offering specials on Star Wars merchandise starting today.

A tradition since I met my now-wife (then-girlfriend about seven years ago) has been Lego shopping. We have an exclusive Star Wars Lego figure or set for each year we’ve been together, and those are some of the most special pieces in my collection. This year is no different. Although we won’t be able to shop together because of work schedules, I’ll be picking out something we can build together. I also may or may not make her sit through the Ewok films I recently bought. We shall see. . .

So to prepare for another round of buying spaceships and troopers I don’t have room for I most certainly have plenty of room for, I’ll be eyeing Lego’s shop-at-home site as well as Reddit for reports on deals. The announcement thus far has been that there is a May the Fourth-only set that is a small build of BB-8 that falls in line with last year’s small R2-D2 build. You can see the details on how to get a hold of the little guy below:


It’s important to remember that this is specifically-noted as MAY 4th ONLY! My guess is after the critical shortage of Darth Revan not long ago, they aren’t promising this one through the weekend until they’re certain they have enough to go around!

In addition to the BB-8 promo set, double VIP points are available on qualifying purchases (from what I’ve heard this only isn’t valid for the new UCS Y-Wing set) as well as discounts of up to 20% on select Lego Star Wars sets, and possibly other sale items such as clocks, accessories, and so on. Sets from the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story are also hitting retailers, as are the excellent wave of Black Series figures, 3.75″ scale figures, new vehicles, and more.

So whether it’s Empire Day, time to rebel, or that one day a year you consider learning Huttese, enjoy Star Wars however you like!

As always, thanks for reading,

-Supreme Leader David

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