Quick Update (12/5/18)

I didn’t fall into the Unknown Regions, I’ve just been super-busy with work and unable to post and write as much as I’d like to. But I wanted to give a heads up to what projects I have in the…oh I do hate the phrase “in the pipeline.” Iminent? Forthcoming? Sure, one of those.

So, I don’t want to spoil either project but I’m also bad at hinting. First I’m working on a purist Lego custom of a popular character from Marvel Star Wars comics. They’re one of my favorite characters and I dare say I’ve never seen a purist custom of this character, let alone many custom prints or molds. I’m excited for this one and wanted to nail down every detail as best as possible.

As I’m writing this I realized I also need to work on my ‘holiday card’ that I’ve done each year since starting Empire’s Elite. If you haven’t seen them I’ll throw links down below so you can check them out. There’s a certain Toy Story charm I find to making the toys interact with one another in that context.

Last but certainly not least, there’s the big one, the passion project I’ve dubbed Project K. I can’t spoil this one either but it’s getting some legs now that my home studio is up and running more efficiently. It’s another Lego project where I hope to create not one or two but several of my favorite Legends characters from one beloved source. It’s still a few BrickLink orders away but what I have going thus far looks promising on paper and in plastic. And Ghost Division is still happening, it’s just very time-consuming to work on because I’m a perfectionist. Since I don’t build, write, or blog for money, I move it along at my own pace – I’m beholden to no one forcing me to get a certain number of ‘likes’ and it’s staying that way. (That being said, I know I produce content slowly lol – if you stick with me, thank you)

Stay tuned for updates and follow me on Instagram @supreme_leader_d for updates on upcoming projects, pictures of toys I can’t stop myself from buying, and random junk from here and there I find funny about Star Wars or just in general. (I will not spam you with memes, there’s plenty of more-qualified people who do that already) Also, you can find me on Reddit – I’m /u/SupremeLeaderDavid – where I mostly lurk but also occasionally post builds and hauls.

As always, thanks for reading!

-Supreme Leader David


Look! Holiday things!

2016 Card

-2017 Card

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