The Doctor is In: Doctor Aphra, Purist Lego Custom

This archeologist runs into places remembered only in myths and rumors with nothing more than her wits and a blaster to get her through. Bounty hunters and murder droids help sometimes, too. The only sure thing is that there are no sure things, and the rogue treasure hunter Doctor Aphra breaks all the rules. Read on to see her immortalized Lego minifigure form!

Are you a pilot suffering from bloodburn? Is your body rejecting its cybernetic implants? Does your Wookiee have a skin condition beneath all that fur? Well too bad! Doctor Aphra isn’t that kind of doctor!


I’ve been wanting a Lego Aphra ever since I first read about her in Marvel’s Darth Vader comics. Sadly, there’s been nothing on the Lego front indicating that she’ll ever be made into a figure officially. However, with a Vintage Collection release and upcoming Black Series release, she’s the only Star Wars comic character in new canon to make the jump from page to figure thus far.

My build uses:

-Padme Amidala (Clone Wars Senator torso)

-Han Solo’s Pants

-Mulan’s hair piece

-I’m not positive on the face, but many Lego female faces are sadly very similar. This one has a smile on one side and a disconcerted/half-frown face on the other. The pilot cap and blaster are very common, and so is the technic piece used to create the barrel of her blaster.


As I said before, Doctor Cheli Lona Aphra first appeared in the pages of Darth Vader (2015.) Aphra’s expertise with droids and penchant for finding lost relics puts her on Vader’s radar, and she’s hired on to help Lord Vader create a personal droid army. She finds a pair of ruthless assassin droids – BT-1 (BeeTee) and 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) – who aid her on her missions. . .when they aren’t exercising their compulsive need for murder.

Aphra falls out of favor with the Dark Lord after some time, and he disposes of her, mistakenly assuming she’d died.


From then on, Aphra sets out on her own once more, and her solo comic series Aphra (2016.) Eager to stay far away from anywhere Darth Vader might also be, Aphra returns to what she knows best – finding relics, flipping them for a profit, and staying one step ahead of any bounty hunters or Imperials she runs into. She has debts to pay and her reputation precedes her. Despite her best efforts, she makes a new arch-enemy in the process. . .


Imperial Captain Magna Tolvan hates Aphra. She probably also loves her on some level. She’s never far behind the doctor, chasing her from place to place as Aphra hunts down profitable leads. Tolvan is momentarily demoted for failing to bring Aphra in, but later regains her rank (and narrowly avoids execution) thanks to some space legal mumbo-jumbo that references earlier Vader comics.  The pair can’t seem to avoid one another, to the point that Doctor Aphra admits finding Tolvan attractive. And although she’s a stone-cold Imperial, Tolvan can’t reject her own feelings for long. After many chases and chance encounters, the two share a passionate kiss (and more is implied) in Doctor Aphra #16.

My build uses:

-Imperial officer body (the rank plaque is accurate, however no female Imperial officer torso exists currently)

-Black Widow’s face from 76101 Outrider Dropship attack

-37823 hair piece in light grey

-Standard blaster pistol


This pair loves to hate each other almost as much as Triple Zero and BeeTee love to kill things. Knowing they can’t be together is one of the most fun parts of seeing them interact – if it doesn’t work out, which it shouldn’t, it’s sad but good storytelling. But what if they made it work? What if Tolvan rejected the Empire and joined Aphra’s band of con artists? An Imperial would know a lot about working around laws and limitations. . .


What do you think of the space odd couple? I’ve always loved their antics, and it isn’t the typical trope-y romance you see in a Star Wars protagonist. Only time will tell if remain in love but at-odds, or if they’ll find a way to be together despite the circumstances.


Thanks for reading! Remember to follow me on Instagram @supreme_leader_d for project updates and leave your thoughts on Aphra there, or down below in the comments.

-Supreme Leader David




Header image credit: Marvel Comics/Disney


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