Happy Holidays!


The year is winding down and it’s been almost half a year since I started this blog. I wanted to thank everyone who read the articles, reviews, and kept coming back for more. It’s been a lot of fun putting together content for my own site and it means the world to me that this project has, at least in my mind, has had a good start. So again, thank you all, and have a happy holiday season!

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Happy Holidays!

Nothing to see here, move along. Move along. Ok, I’m kidding. But really, no big updates other than I hope everyone has a good start to this holiday season. And since this is a Star Wars blog, enjoy this picture I took rearranging figures this morning. It sort of reminded me of a comic cover or a splash page. Just ignore the cluttered collection around it (I cropped some out, otherwise your eyes might have trouble focusing haha)

And as always, thanks for stopping by. Happy holidays from The Empire’s Elite.