Happy Holidays!


The year is winding down and it’s been almost half a year since I started this blog. I wanted to thank everyone who read the articles, reviews, and kept coming back for more. It’s been a lot of fun putting together content for my own site and it means the world to me that this project has, at least in my mind, has had a good start. So again, thank you all, and have a happy holiday season!

A funny thing happened at Target today while, coincidentally, I was there to fix another funny thing that happened.

On Black Friday, which if you’ve kept up with my earlier posts you’ll remember as the day I spent about a car payment on Black Series figures, my fiance bought a blu-ray for her youngest sister. Not thinking anything of it, we skipped the longer lines at the manned checkouts and went to the self-checkout. I rang out my Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker figures while she paid for her selections at the next terminal. So you know those plastic cases they put newer DVDs and blu-rays in so people can’t steal them? Yeah, it turns out the self-checkout doesn’t have that to pop them open and remove them. Not thinking anything about it, we left the store and went to the Toys R Us across the street.

Cut to this past Friday, my fiance was wrapping the last of the Christmas gifts and the movie was still in that case. No alarms went off when we left the store. When I went back to Target today to get it removed, the cashier was shocked that we even made it out the front door! It didn’t even go off when I walked in – maybe that case was a bad one? The cashier got the case off without any issue, which was good, because it crossed my mind to vent some work stress and just break the thing off myself.

So onto the other funny thing that happened while I was there. For some reason whenever I’m in the local toy stores or my favorite record store, people seem to think I work there or I’m in the know. Maybe it’s because I kind of look like I’d work in a record store (thought about it more than once to be honest) or because I’m a grown man in the Star Wars toys aisle. Anyway, this woman didn’t think I worked there – I’d hope not since I was in my winter jacket and a black beanie with the Imperial insignia on it – but she did ask my opinion on some toys for her five year old grandson. She showed me her choices and needed help narrowing them down. There was a pack of dinosaur figures from Jurassic World, one of those talking Chewbacca masks, a Death Star Hot Wheels playset, and the Lego commuter ferry boat set.

Personally, I’m biased towards anything Lego and/or Star Wars toys so I suggested she get the huge Death Star set and the ferry boat. Dinosaurs are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but she asked me about the two things I’m most enthusiastic about aside from good food and speed metal. So after we chatted about what was age-appropriate (she was a little worried about the ‘Death’ in Death Star) she decided to go for the ferry boat, Death Star track, and the Chewbacca mask. The talking mask. . .eh, it reminds me too much of that silly Chewbacca mom story and don’t even get me started. But I was glad I could help her make a decision, and I bet that kid’s face will light up when they see such nice gifts under the tree.

So whether it’s a happy accident or something you have to plan out, do something nice for somebody this holiday season. Act like you work at the store – if you know what you’re talking about, I’m sure they appreciate the help! I hope everyone has a great holiday, whatever it is you celebrate, and if it’s a gift-giving occasion, I hope you get the droids you’re looking for so to speak.

Happy Holidays!


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