Leak Season

It happens every year – not allergy season or tax season, but Lego leak season! If you don’t mind risking minor spoilers, you can now see some preliminary box art for upcoming 2018 Lego sets!

The season of leaks is back on Reddit. Obviously I’m not going to post pictures – even if I do look forward to leaks every year, I do understand that they aren’t legitimate rollouts of products (even if this does happen every single year – is it really leaking at that point?)

There are a lot of exciting and different sets to look forward to in the Star Wars line. After the first wave of The Last Jedi sets hit stores, it looks as though a few Clone Wars and Original Trilogy sets will be showing up. While unconfirmed, there are two battle packs featuring Jedi as well as some familiar desert dwellers of Tatooine. Buildable figures, like them or not, are also getting a new wave and brick headz look to be coming to Star Wars. Last but not least, we’re getting a couple micro-fighters at the least featuring some Han Solo movie content. Still no word on that rebel base set, but it’s early still. There’s hope! Rebellions Empires are built on hope!

I won’t go into too much detail and instead let the pictures speak for themselves, should you choose to check them out. But it looks to be a good year for variety, I can say that. If you’re into superheroes, Ninjago, Lego Batman (yes, technically a superhero too), City, and all the rest, there’s images of those lines floating around as well as a ton of speculation regarding new and returning themes. Prepare your wallet!

-Supreme Leader David

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