Definite Article: Story Arcs vs. Long-Form Storytelling

It’s easy to compare Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels and look upon the newcomer with a little disdain. Rebels came about because Clone Wars was cancelled, and many believe Clone Wars was doing everything right and that it was wrong to start over with Rebels. A prevailing criticism in the Clone Wars vs. Rebels debate is that Clone Wars took more time to tell its stories – they felt stronger, more mature, and well fleshed out. But is Rebels slowly starting to find that pattern and get it right? Continue reading “Definite Article: Story Arcs vs. Long-Form Storytelling”

Collection Photos: The Black Series Fleet

Since I didn’t grab anything new this week, I decided to take some pictures of my small collection of Black Series vehicles. This is just the collection so far, and while I wasn’t that into them at first, there’s a few on my list now that I want to complete a display. Continue reading “Collection Photos: The Black Series Fleet”

Watch “Star Wars Episode VIII Title Revealed! | The Star Wars Show” on YouTube

Well that was nonchalant, wasn’t it? Seemingly out of nowhere, the name of Episode VIII is at last revealed. But what does the title mean? Speculation ahead!

Well that was nonchalant, wasn’t it? Seemingly out of nowhere, the name of Episode VIII is at last revealed. But what does the title mean? Speculation ahead!

Luke Skywalker was the last of his kind, with the unique gifts in the Force to become a full-fledged Jedi (Yes, I know there was another. And Kanan and Ezra. And Ahsoka was still around somewhere maybe. Yeah…) Is he the last Jedi the title is referring to? That would set up Episode Eight to be largely around his struggles rather than centering on Rey. Also, the opening crawl of Episode Seven specifically calls attention to Luke as the last Jedi, which would back up a pretty Luke-centric story.

Or is Rey the last Jedi that Luke is able to train before he passes on, either naturally or in battle against Kylo Ren and the First Order? Does he pull an Obi Wan and sacrifice himself to become one with the Force, more powerful than Kylo and Snoke can possibly imagine? A pretty big fight scene between Rey and Luke against the Knights of Ren is confirmed, so who knows how that turns out. 

Jax Pavan certainly isn’t in this movie. That being said, what do you think about Episode Eight’s title? It’s a title from Legends and its referenced in two previous movies. Whatever it is, I’m excited to see it next winter.

Black Series: Director Krennic

Time for some more Black Series to start the year! This currently semi-rare figure was a Christmas gift from my loving fiance, and it’s easily one of my favorite recent figures. The new body mold gives me hope that some more Imperial officers (and their weird space riding pants) will join Hasbro’s figure line.

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To Us, She Was Royalty

I had a bad feeling about today but I had no idea it would turn out like this. When I heard the news that Carrie Fisher had passed (after hearing it through some miscommunication I should say – the details seemed muddy, and the last I heard, she was recovering) I almost couldn’t believe it. 2016 hasn’t been kind in regards to the passing of prolific people, but it’s important to remember that the people who leave us live on through their actions in life, and in our fond memories.

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