Project K Part One: Canderous and Carth

Lego Kotor is here!

For those unaware, Kotor is a town in Montenegro, which sits on the coast of the Gulf of Kotor and has a population of over 13,000. Hang on, that isn’t the one you came here for. Kotor, or Knights of the Old Republic, is an awesome roleplaying game from way back in 2003. It featured a new era for Star Wars which had been largely unexplored, the days of the ancient Republic set 4,000 years before the events of the main Star Wars films. Players could choose a class, customize their skills with a variety of weapons, and eventually utilize both dark and light Force powers on their journey to defeat Darth Malak, head of the Sith Empire. Whether you defeat Malak to protect the Republic or take it over for yourself is entirely up to you.

You aren’t alone on this journey, though. One of the first people your amnesiac main character encounters is Carth Onasi, a dedicated Republic soldier and pilot. His wife is dead and his son has disappeared, and to make maters worse, his former commanding officer betrayed the Republic and became an admiral in the Sith Fleet. Feeling tremendous loss and betrayal, Carth developed deep trust issues. Throughout the game, it’s possible to get him to open up and trust you, given that you make goodhearted choices he can get your back on.

I’m not a warrior, I’m a soldier. There’s a difference. Warriors attack and conquer, they prey on the weak. Soldiers defend and protect the innocent—usually from warriors.

My first step in creating a purist custom of Carth was nailing down the iconic orange jacket. While not a perfect match (read: the one I used isn’t zipped up like Carth’s usually is) I knew once I had prototype builds in-hand that I’d made right choice.

Carth, by yours truly

And there he is! My parts list for this figure goes as-follows:

  • Orange Resistance jacket (From TFA Finn, not the Last Jedi one that is stitched along the back of the shoulder) Hands are swapped to light flesh color
  • Inferno Squad Agent Pants (From the Inferno Squad battle pack)
  • Hair – Professor Flitwick (From the Harry Potter collectible minifigure series)
  • Face – ??? – I bricklinked the face because I thought it was unique, forgot I had it, and then wound up using it for Carth – if you know where he appears, comment below or message me on Instagram and I will update!
  • Last but not least, twin blaster pistols with Technic pins on the barrels
Carth running into the fray

Secondly, I’ve created one of my favorite characters from KotoR who is a Mandalorian mercenary – Canderous Ordo. Canderous rolls through the streets of Taris when you meet him in-game with a cadre of other hunters. Having fought for most of his life, Canderous slowly started to yearn for something other than battle – however, he continued to do his fair share of fighting while working with the player character’s party. His specialty was in heavy weapons and despite the fact he wears a tank top the first few times you encounter him, he was also proficient with heavy armor.

Speak softly and carry a big repeating blaster.

Canderous would eventually go on to claim the title of Mandalore, supreme ruler of all the clans of the planet Mandalore. As Madalore the Preserver, he would continue to fight in many ongoing battles between the Republc and Sith splinter factions. In those times he sported a set of silver Mandalorian armor, a color largely unique to him (although it is now being used once again for The Mandalorian TV show, featured on the main character’s helmet) Despite being at odds with Carth and the greater Republic in the past, Revan is able to get them to work together toward the greater good (if that’s your thing, remember there’s a lot of player choice in-game) for many years to come. And what else could make a Mandalorian happier than having a battle tank named after them!

I think I need something more than killing and fighting in my life. I need a purpose or something like that. – Canderous Ordo

Parts list for purist Canderous-

  • Customized torso – plain black torso, arms and hands swapped to light flesh
  • Just about any stern-faced expression would work on this mercenary
  • Sabine Wren’s legs, featuring scuffed kneepads and hip holsters
  • A brown utility belt (these belts were first featured in the Lego Batman Movie collectible minifigures line, the brown one first appearing on Catman – they are now becoming easy to find on Bricklink and appearing in other sets with multiple color variations)
  • Wavy grey hair – a flat top could also work but I thought this looked better
  • Custom blaster – Uses a black nozzle for the rear grip, a black T-bar for the front handle, a “brick, modified 1x2x2/3 with studs on sides” for the main body, and lastly a 1×1 cylinder in dark bluish grey with a black round tile with pin making the blaster’s barrel tip
Canderous is always ready for a fight, whether he’s got heavy armor or a space tank top.
Party ready for battle!

I’m super excited to finally reveal some more customs! Please let me know your thoughts either in the comment section or over on Instagram (@supreme_leader_d). There’s more to come so be sure to follow and check back for more KotoR figures!


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