Project K Part 3: Darth Malak and Bastila Shan

A Sith is driven by hate, anger, and ambition – ambition that always ends in betrayal of the master by the apprentice. Jedi let go of these feelings and live the most peaceful, balanced life possible. Kotor let you choose your path, and Project K now brings two more heroes into the fold – the vile Darth Malak and the loyal Jedi, Bastila Shan.

Darth Revan and his apprentice, Darth Malak, ventured into the unknown regions of space to confront a great evil. They left as Jedi – Revan and Alek – and returned as warmongers bent on destroying the Republic. The heroes of the Mandalorian Wars fell to the dark side, twisted by a then-unknown presence in the dark side of the Force. Malak would ultimately betray his master, jumpstarting the events of the first Knights of the Old Republic video game.

Darth Revan is confronted by a strike team of several Jedi, lead by Bastila Shan. As the Jedi close in on Revan, Malak springs a trap, ordering his ship to fire on Revan’s. His confrontation with the Jedi is interrupted, dooming several of the Jedi but sparing Shan. Meanwhile, Revan is rendered unconscious and loses his memory, forgetting entirely his past as both a Jedi and Sith Lord. Malak steps up his war effort, eventually bombarding the planet Taris in an attempt to kill Bastila and Revan, both of whom were found to have escaped his first strike.

Darth Malak

To create Darth Malak in Lego form, I used a mix of Star Wars and Marvel-themed pieces. Getting his face mask – which covers a ghastly wound where his lower jaw used to be – was essential. While the head piece is missing his head tattoos, I think the piece I was able to find captures his ghoulish skin tone and furrowed brow.


Parts list for Darth Malak:

  • Torso assembly 973pb1818c01, Rocket Raccoon polybag (Guardians of the Galaxy theme – I actually removed the arms and flipped the torso around to get the texture of Malak’s shirt. Hands are swapped to white.)
  • Maroon legs matching the torso (Optional: I added a kama from a clone trooper to give him some more detail around the legs since the torso and arms have printing, but the legs don’t.)
  • Minifigure head #3626bpsb, Gasgango from Star Wars (Despite only being released in a couple sets, this head isn’t terribly expensive – and it’s a real blast from the past, having been released in the first wave of Star Wars sets from 1999!)
  • Head/neck piece – minifigure bodywear #19305 – this piece appeared as additional head detailing for Ultron in the Avengers: Age of Ultron sets. It also appears in the more recently released AT-ST Raider set from The Mandalorian. This piece is also flipped backwards, putting the higher part over Malak’s mouth.
  • Last but not least, every Sith needs a red lightsaber and a black cape.
Allies became enemies

Back in the game, Bastila Shan is crucial to helping you on your journey. She’s the first Jedi you can recruit to your party, and much like Carth Onasi, is loyal to the Republic war effort. In combat she can learn a variety of Force powers and wields a double-bladed yellow lightsaber. Eventually, she becomes the love interest of Revan, and the pair can either join the dark side together or remain in the light, eventually marrying. Further along, their ancestors are still shaping galactic history. Their son Vaner Shan would become a politician, due in part to his lack of Force potential. Even further along the bloodline, this trend would continue with Theron Shan, son of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and Republic Supreme Commander Jace Malcolm. Theron would become a valuable agent to Republic Intelligence efforts against the Sith.

Malak invades planets as well as Bastila’s personal space

My original plan when creating Bastila in Lego form was to use the torso assembly of Shuri from Avenger’s: Infinity War. However, the more I looked at it it was too orange, and I decided to go with a yellow piece that also included armor similar to Bastila’s. Besides that, there isn’t actually a great deal of work I had to do once I found the right minifigure to use for parts.


Bastila Shan Parts List:

  • Torso assembly and legs assembly: Figure #sw0594, Naboo Security Guard. And seriously, swap the head and hands and that’s pretty much it.
  • The head is probably from a Rey figure, it has an alternate angered expression
  • Hair piece #62696 in dark brown
  • And of course, a yellow double-bladed lightsaber
Bastila in battle – see Project K part 2 for these Sith troopers!

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