Project K Part 2: Sith Reinforcements

Lego Kotor strikes back with custom Sith infantry!Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first Star Wars games I remember playing that broke the Rebels vs. Empire structure. This time around, Sith Lords from beyond the Republic emerged, devastating planets like Taris with orbital bombardment and subjecting others to blockade and occupation. The most common occupying force was of course the Sith trooper (not that one.)

Sith Troopers are most often seen in-game patrolling the streets of occupied planets in small squads. The most striking feature hearkens to their future Imperial, white-armored counterparts – Sith troopers show a brazen disregard for camouflage in favor of a striking silver color covering their bodies and face-concealing helmets. Specialized commando, officer, and special weapons variants swapped the silver for a reflective red color scheme.

Standard Sith Trooper

Here we have the normal Sith infantry, and below are my initial interpretations in Lego form!


Both of my Sith troopers use pieces from First Order special troops. These are the first version so they may be refined as I go, especially if I find better helmets. The trick there was finding colors that matched each other as well as the armor colors.

Standard Sith Trooper Parts:

  • Captain Phasma torso assembly (hands swapped to black – you can save money on Phasma’s parts if you buy them individually, skipping the helmet and cape, which are the most expensive pieces and not needed for this build.)
  • Captain Phasma legs assembly
  • Head, all black, and pearl dark grey racer’ helmet
  • Weapons: I used a pearl dark grey blaster, but normal black would work fine if you don’t have the special colors. A standard katana from the Ninjago theme is used for the vibroblade.

Sith Commando Parts:

  • Elite Praetorian guard torso assembly (hands swapped to black)
  • Elite Praetorian guard legs assembly (hip piece swapped to black)
  • Head, all black, and red racer helmet
  • Weapons: I also used a pearl dark grey blaster here, but you can also use thermal detonators, custom heavy blasters, or whatever else you want – these troopers fill many roles in the game and are seen with just about every weapon.


Darth Malak is on my list for someone to order these troops around, but he isn’t ready at time of posting. Overall I’m happy with these troopers, though the helmets could maybe be better. A Sith Empire is nothing without its army, so I had to include infantry when I decided to bring purist Lego Kotor to the world.


In the meantime, Darth Revan is more than capable of leading the troops. Thanks for checking out my customs and I hope you’re enjoying the new theme so far!




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